@glassofwhiskey: So, I saw these beauty yesterday while I was walking around the Sony lot. My good god I have missed her. Such good times we had together. The door was locked and I felt really sad that I didn’t have the key.


7 ways white people can combat their privilege

It’s important for everyone to begin thinking and behaving in ways that relinquish white privilege and white supremacy when it noticeably impacts daily life. Because it’s not about admitting it anymore. It’s about giving it up. Here’s a few ways how that can happen.

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Anti Vietnam-War Rally



"There is a huge amount of violence against women in the world today and most of it is committed by men.”

"No. I don’t feel sorry for men."

[Sexism] is built into our society. It’s easy to miss and it’s easy to get used to it. There are things that are intolerable in today’s world, in terms of the perception of women. Whether they’re vamps or vixens… the expectation that, if a woman is wearing a short skirt, she’s ‘asking for it’.”

I have feminist bones and when I hear things or see people react to women in certain ways I have very little tolerance.”

I honestly think there is an assumption that women are not as competent. I believe it is [sexism].”

"I do consider myself a feminist."

"I consider myself a feminine feminist."

Why should [one night stands] be shocking in 2014? She has needs and if those are met by the occasional night between two consenting adults, what’s the problem?

gillian anderson is taking no shit this year. none.

“There is not enough female presentation put out into the world through our own eyes, especially in cinema. More often than not, women are treated as an object or muse. Or you have a semi-progressive female character, but her happy ending depends on a guy. That makes me mad because a female’s sole goal in life should not be her relationship with a man. I’ve heard people say our film is feminist, which is fantastic because it’s not really preaching any political views, it’s just badass women—badass women who just so happen to be unapologetically feminine. They fully embrace who they are, flaws and all, and that’s beautiful.” —

Lina Plioplyte

The first-time filmmaker talks about feminism and the chic women of Advanced Style.

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Lorde in Philadelphia | Photo By Noah Silvestry